IOF is pleased to announce that the IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA) has elected Marika Murto (Amgen) as CCA Chair, and James Pilachowski (Agnovos) as CCA Vice-Chair.

The CCA, composed of leading companies in the musculoskeletal health field, supports IOF and its members’ mission to advance bone health and fracture prevention as a worldwide priority. We warmly congratulate Ms Murto and Mr Pilachowski on their election to this prestigious position, which reflects their commitment to bone health and their strong support of IOF and its many projects and programmes. As experienced professionals, with vast expertise in the field, they will be at the helm of a critically important membership group within IOF.

In 2021, the CCA comprises these leading companies, representing a wide spectrum of the musculoskeletal health field: Active Protective, AgNovos Healthcare, Amgen, EffRx, Hologic, KyowaKirin, GSK, Omya, Theramex, Sunsweet, UCB and Yuhome Bio. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the CCA member organizations for their dedication to global bone health and their ongoing support of IOF’s vision of a world without fragility fractures.

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