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Fracture Liaison Services, commonly known as FLS, are coordinator-based, multidisciplinary model of care for secondary fracture prevention. They are implemented by health care systems, both public and private, to close the care gap for patients with fragility fractures, 80% of whom are never screened or treated for osteoporosis. FLS ensures that all patients with fragility fractures are identified to receive fracture risk assessment and treatment, to prevent any further fractures.

Capture the Fracture®, a global flagship programme of IOF since 2012, involves more than 929 FLS in all regions of the world.

929 FLS



IOF’s organizational alliances within the musculoskeletal field and across the spectrum of related diseases help to strengthen the osteoporosis movement. By combining our respective expertise and strengths we amplify our call for change on behalf of osteoporosis patients worldwide.


Partnering for change – join us at the forefront of the bone health arena

IOF’s partners can engage their employees, customers and stakeholders to support research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bone related diseases. They can play a meaningful role in promoting bone health, put their commitment to social responsibility into practice, boost employee morale and strengthen relations with the communities in which they work.

IOF’s corporate partnerships are based on mutual respect and transparency, with the views and decisions of each partner having equal value. These ideals reflect the mission and philosophy of each organization.

Together, we design the best possible partnership that will leverage our partner’s assets and resources, while addressing both corporate social responsibility objectives and advancing IOF’s mission for bone health.

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