webinar-nutrition and bone

Join us for an insightful webinar focusing on optimising bone health through food-based dietary interventions. Led by Dr. Sandra Iuliano and moderated by Prof. Belinda Beck, this session will delve into the primary food sources crucial for bone health, provide guidance on interpreting nutrition research, and highlight dietary patterns that support strong bones. Additionally, we will address the unique nutritional needs and challenges faced by older adults, offering practical strategies to overcome these barriers. The webinar will also explore the interaction between food choices for bone health and environmental sustainability. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and practical skills in managing the nutritional aspects of bone health. 

DATE: July 2, 2024  at 10:00 CEST  / 18:00 Eastern Australian Time


Key learning objectives include: 

  • Understand the primary food sources for bone-related nutrients.
  • Learn how to interpret food/nutrition research outcomes relative to bone. 
  • Recognise the types of dietary patterns that support bone health. 
  • Know the nutritional needs of older adults relative to bone and recognize their specific nutritional challenges and barriers to optimize bone health. 
  • Conclude if bone health can be achieved through food in an environmentally sustainable way. 

About the Speakers:

Dr. Sandra Iuliano is a senior research fellow in the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, researching nutrition and exercise across the lifespan; specifically, to improve musculoskeletal health. Relative to aging, her work focused on food-based approaches to prevent falls, fractures, and malnutrition in older adults in aged-care. She provided input into the quality and safety standards for aged care, was summoned to present evidence at the Royal Commission in aged-care and is a member of the National Aged-Care Advisory Council. She is a strong advocate for improving nutritional care and quality of life via improved food provision in aged care. 

Prof. Belinda Beck is a Professor in the School of Health Sciences & Social Work at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus and a member of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland. She specializes in musculoskeletal anatomy and bone research, focusing on the effects of mechanical loading on bone. Dr. Beck has secured over $3 million in research funding, authored 100+ scientific papers, and led the LIFTMOR clinical trials, establishing exercise as a therapy for osteoporosis. In 2015, she founded The Bone Clinic to implement her research findings through the ONERO program. She serves on multiple advisory committees, including the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee of Healthy Bones Austra- lia, and is a member of the Capture the Fracture® Governance. 

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