The authors of the journal’s 10 most oft-cited 2019 papers in 2019-20 have been awarded a certificate of publishing excellence. Get free online access to these notable papers until August 31!
Calcified Tissue Int top cited papers

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Calcified Tissue International and Musculoskeletal Research is among the leading peer-reviewed journals publishing original preclinical, translational, and clinical research as well as expert reviews in the bone and musculoskeletal field. 

Journal Editors, Professor René Rizzoli and Professor Stuart Ralston are delighted to announce the top 10 most impactful papers of 2019, as cited in 2019/2020. The authors of each of these outstanding papers have been recognized with certificates of publishing excellence. It was noted that two of the most oft-cited papers (both the first and 8th listed) are the outputs of ESCEO Working Groups, emphasizing the contribution of this society to the field of musculoskeletal disorders.

Thanking the authors for their contributions, the editors remarked:

“Calcified Tissue International strives to publish the best of new research and notable reviews in the bone and muscle field. Accordingly, our focus on high quality publications has been reflected in an increasing journal citation impact factor.”

We invite you to read, cite and share these high-impact papers - all freely accessible until August 31, 2021:

Assessment of Muscle Function and Physical Performance in Daily Clinical Practice

C. Beaudart, Y. Rolland, A. J. Cruz-Jentoft, J. M. Bauer, C. Sieber, C. Cooper, N. Al-Daghri, I. Araujo de Carvalho, I. Bautmans, R. Bernabei, O. Bruyère, M. Cesari, A. Cherubini, B. Dawson-Hughes, J. A. Kanis, Jean-Marc Kaufman, F. Landi, S. Maggi, E. McCloskey, J. Petermans, L. Rodriguez Mañas, J.-Y. Reginster, R. Roller-Wirnsberger, L. A. Schaap, D. Uebelhart, R. Rizzoli & R. A. Fielding 
Calcif Tissue Int 105, 1–14 (2019) 

Executive summary of the European guidance for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women 
J. A. Kanis, C. Cooper, R. Rizzoli & J.-Y. Reginster
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 235–238 (2019)

Health Care Costs Associated With Muscle Weakness: A UK Population-Based Estimate
R. Pinedo-Villanueva, L. D. Westbury, H. E. Syddall, M. T. Sanchez-Santos, E. M. Dennison, S. M. Robinson & C. Cooper 
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 137–144 (2019) 

Continued Beneficial Effects of Burosumab in Adults with X-Linked Hypophosphatemia: Results from a 24-Week Treatment Continuation Period After a 24-Week Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Period
A. A. Portale, T. O. Carpenter, M. Luisa Brandi, K. Briot, H. II Cheong, M. Cohen-Solal, R. Crowley, S. Jan De Beur, R. Eastell, Y. Imanishi, E. A. Imel, S. Ing, N. Ito, M. Javaid, P. Kamenicky, R. Keen, T. Kubota, R. Lachmann, F. Perwad, P. Pitukcheewanont, S. H. Ralston, Y. Takeuchi, H. Tanaka, T. J. Weber, H.-W. Yoo, L. Zhang, C. Theodore-Oklota, M. Mealiffe, J. San Martin & K. Insogna
Calcif Tissue Int 105, 271–284 (2019) 

Effects of High-Intensity Interval Running Versus Cycling on Sclerostin, and Markers of Bone Turnover and Oxidative Stress in Young Men
R. Kouvelioti, P. LeBlanc, B. Falk, W. E. Ward, A. R. Josse & P. Klentrou 
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 582–590 (2019)

Paget's Disease of Bone
L. Gennari, D. Rendina, A. Falchetti & D. Merlotti 
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 483–500 (2019) 

Chronic Non-bacterial Osteomyelitis: A Review
K. Buch, A. C. Baun Thuesen, C. Brøns & P. Schwarz 
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 544–553 (2019)

Is There Enough Evidence for Osteosarcopenic Obesity as a Distinct Entity? A Critical Literature Review 
J. M. Bauer, A. J. Cruz-Jentoft, R. A. Fielding, J. A. Kanis, J.-Y. Reginster, O. Bruyère, M. Cesari, R. Chapurlat, N. Al-Daghri, E. Dennison, J.-M. Kaufman, F. Landi, A. Laslop, M. Locquet, S. Maggi, E. McCloskey, S. Perna, R. Rizzoli, Y. Rolland, M. Rondanelli, P. Szulc, B. Vellas, M. Vlaskovska & C. Cooper 
Calcif Tissue Int 105, 109–124 (2019)

Bone Microstructure in Response to Vitamin D3 Supplementation: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial
L. S. Bislev, L. L. Rødbro, L. Rolighed, T. Sikjaer & L. Rejnmark
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 160–170 (2019)

Rare Inherited forms of Paget's Disease and Related Syndromes    
S. H. Ralston & J. P. Taylor
Calcif Tissue Int 104, 501–516 (2019) 



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Calcified Tissue International & Musculoskeletal Research is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original preclinical, translational and clinical research, and reviews concerning the structure and function of bone, and other musculoskeletal tissues in living organisms, as well as clinical studies of musculoskeletal disease. It includes studies of cell biology, molecular biology, intracellular signalling, and physiology, as well as research into the hormones, cytokines and other mediators that influence the musculoskeletal system. The journal also publishes clinical studies of relevance to bone disease, mineral metabolism, muscle function, and musculoskeletal interactions. 
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