FOSEMO celebrates 25 year anniversary

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IOF congratulates the Foundation for Osteoporosis and Diseases of Bone Metabolism (FOSEMO) which on July 2nd celebrated 25 years of guidance and support for the general public and patients with osteoporosis.

FOSEMO is a full member of the IOF Committee of National Societies (CNS) and works actively in Panama. Dr Joan Levin, president of FOSEMO, says:

“In 1994 the need to orient and support people who had fractured with radiographic diagnosis of osteoporosis arose. In 1995, we realized that fractures could be prevented by recognizing risk factors. Therefore, we decided to organize a foundation here in Panama with the objective of carrying out programmes that would help prevent osteoporosis. We estimate that we have provided orientation and support to more than 50,000 people!”

Throughout these 25 years, FOSEMO has carried out many activities, including talks for the general public, screening campaigns for the detection of low bone mineral density and osteoporosis, training sessions for primary care doctors, radio and television interviews, and distribution of educational material throughout the country. FOSEMO also encourages older adults to pay attention to their bone health with cultural activities such as concerts, choreography and dance competitions; without neglecting the collaborative and supportive aspect by supporting an old people's home with donations and visits.

World Osteoporosis Day is always commemorated by FOSEMO with different events. Dr Levin highlighted the participation of the foundation in activities for children and adolescents, and recalls the program My Bone Bank: ¨This program for children is called My Bone Bank and is aimed at healthy eating through the cross-cutting axis with mathematics. The initiative was recognized and awarded by the IOF at a global level. Its mascot HUESINA is registered with the Ministry of Education of our country.¨

The current quarantine situation in Panama did not prevent FOSEMO from celebrating its 25th anniversary through a meeting by ZOOM with its members. Dr Levin advised its members and the general public ¨to follow their treatment, take care of their diet, exercise at home, and take at least 10 minutes of sunshine from their window, and above all, keep a positive attitude.¨

The entire IOF community thanks and congratulates FOSEMO for their great accomplishments and commitment! Let's continue working together to prevent osteoporosis fractures and achieve a world without osteoporosis fractures where healthy mobility is a reality for everyone.