New IOF article in 'Open Access Government' calls on governments worldwide to stem the growing burden of hip fractures
hip fracture consequences

The number of osteoporosis-related hip fractures is on the rise due to the ageing of populations worldwide. These fractures have devastating consequences for patients and their families and pose an enormous burden on healthcare systems, most of which are already stretched to their limits. 

In a new IOF article which has appeared in the January issue of the e-journal ‘Open Access Government’, IOF CEO Dr Philippe Halbout draws attention to the neglect of bone health in general, and the astounding treatment gap following hip fractures. The urgent need for healthcare authorities to step up their efforts regarding first and secondary fracture prevention is highlighted, as is the important role of IOF’s successful Capture the Fracture® programme in driving the implementation of Fracture Liaison Services, a proven strategy in secondary fracture prevention. 

In the article, Dr Halbout calls on governments and health authorities to act:

“For real change to happen, health authorities need the determination to allocate resources for the prevention of osteoporosis and fragility fractures. This investment is crucial in safeguarding millions of older adults from the suffering, disability, and loss of independence associated with hip fractures.”

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