In extensive interview, Professor Cyrus Cooper highlights need for secondary fracture prevention and discusses the Capture the Fracture Partnership
Health professional radio

In his recent interview on a Health Professional Radio podcast, IOF President Professor Cyrus Cooper discussed osteoporosis, the importance of effective post-fracture care, and the objectives of the new Capture The Fracture® Partnership.

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Excerpts from the interview:

What is post fracture care and why is it so important?
“One of the most important risk factors for having a fracture in later life is having had a previous fracture.” 

“The key aspect of post fracture care or secondary fracture prevention as it sometimes called, is a pathway of care that assesses the risk of osteoporosis in people at the time they sustain their first fracture. That pathway is typically provided by having a fracture liaison service system, usually delivered by a nurse coordinator, that unites secondary care in the hospital setting with primary care in the family practice/general practitioner setting.” 

Describe for us if you will the Capture The Fracture® Partnership

“Through promulgation of secondary fracture prevention services, or so called post fracture care services worldwide, we hope to reduce by 25% the incidents of hip and spine fractures attributable to osteoporosis by 2025.”

“There are 5 broad pillars within this programme. We aim to influence policy makers worldwide to establish post fracture care programs within their national healthcare systems; we aim to engage a worldwide group of co-investigators and collaborators to assist in delivery of secondary fracture prevention systems; we aim to construct a mentorship programme to train a next generation of osteoporosis specialists and to make an interactive benefit calculator that allows physicians and healthcare providers to optimize secondary prevention service in their own national settings using their own incidence rates of fracture, the mortality from their own countries and the economic consequences of osteoporosis in their own healthcare system and societies. And finally, we will provide an interactive database that houses all the information on secondary prevention of osteoporosis fracture worldwide through our own portal in the Capture the Fracture Partnership.”

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