Jen 21-meeting

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The Jornadas de Endocrinología de Zona Norte ( JEN 2021) took place on October 21st. Respecting all the relevant Covid-19 protocols, the event was organized by the Endocrinology, Metabolism, Nutrition and Diabetes Center (CEM), the Buenos Aires Gynecological Institute (IGBA), and the directors of the respective institutions, Dr. Felipe Geraci and Dr. Claudia Firpo, and Dr. David Fusaro. 

The meeting brought together more than 260 health professionals and 16 sponsors.  

The day began with the IOF Symposium "Algorithm for the management of patients with low, medium and high risk of fracture", presented to a full room by Dr. Osvaldo Messina, IOF Board Member. The scientific program also included lectures and presentations of clinical cases on type 1 and 2 diabetes, vitamin D, PCOS, obesity, contraception, among others. 

We thank Dr. Felipe Geraci for his kind words of introduction to IOF during the opening ceremony, and also thank all the professionals and members who visited us at the IOF booth during the day. It was wonderful to meet you in person again!

Jen 2021-IOF Booth-Argentina