IOF warmly welcomes the six newly elected members and ex-officio members of the LATAM Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the term 2020-2024.

In accordance with the IOF's operating regulations in Latin America, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) is fully renewed every four years. The RAC is composed of six members elected from candidates in each of the sub-regions into which the region is divided, in order to encourage greater participation and representation of the CNS in Latin America.

The composition of the LATAM RAC also includes ex officio members: Latin American members of the IOF Global Board and the IOF CSA for the duration of their term.

We are pleased to announce the new LATAM RAC for the period 2020-2024:

Elected members:

  • Maria Belen Zanchetta, Southern Cone
  • Luis Vidal Neira, Andina
  • Adriana Orcesi de Pedro, Brazil
  • Adriana Medina, Caribbean
  • Sonia Cerdas, Central America
  • Victor Mercado Cárdenas, Mexico

Ex officio members:

Latin American members of the IOF Global Board: 
Claudia Campusano, Chile; Patricia Clark, Mexico; Marise Lazaretti Castro, Brazil; Osvaldo Daniel Messina, Argentina.
CSA members: Bruno Muzzi Camargo, Jorge Morales Torres, Cesar Bogado.