Community event in Santa Fe Argentina

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On July 19, 2023 a workshop entitled “Strengthen Your Bones” was organized by the IOF and IAPOS, the Instituto Autárquico Provincial de la Obra Social (IAPOS) in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. The talk, addressed to an audience of more than 100 people, focused on publicizing the risk factors associated with osteoporosis, as well as highlighting the importance of adequate nutrition, physical activity, and the implementation of safety measures in the home to prevent falls.

Dr. Claudia Firpo, an endocrinologist, presented key data on osteoporosis and its impact on people's quality of life as they age. The attendees showed great interest in identifying their personal risk factors and how these can be mitigated or controlled through conscious actions. An important aspect of the talk was the discussion on fall prevention and proper care at home. Lic. Laura Martínez Kuhn, occupational therapist, highlighted the importance of creating a safe environment at home, identifying possible dangers, and taking measures to avoid accidents.

At the end, a question and answer session was held. Lic. Mónica Caló, regional manager of IOF LATAM, stated:

“The enthusiasm and commitment of the audience demonstrated the relevance of what was shared in the talk. It has been an enriching event in which the experts managed to transmit information in an accessible way, raising awareness and motivating attendees to take proactive measures to care for their bone health. Thank you to all the participants for enabling this space for debate and joint reflection on the importance of caring for our bones to prevent osteoporosis and fractures and, thus, transition to healthy aging.”

community event in Santa fe Argentina