On the occasion of World Health Day IOF Latin America shared a new series of podcasts in Spanish called “El ABC del Hueso Sano” (the ABCs of healthy bones) to raise awareness about the importance of leading a bone-healthy lifestyle.
Podcast ABCs of healthy bones

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As bones are a living tissue, all the decisions we make throughout life have an impact on our skeleton. We mustn’t forget that maintaining strong and healthy bones allows us to move freely and enjoy an active and independent life. But how do we take care of your bones? A new Podcast series, developed by IOF in Latin America, aims to bring practical and scientifically sound information about bone health to the public and patients. The Podcasts provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about bone health from experts in the Latin American region.

> We invite Spanish speakers to listen to the new podcast series “El ABC del Hueso Sano”. 

IOF greatly thanks the experts in the region who have selflessly lent their voice, time, knowledge and experiences to prepare these first series of podcasts dedicated to bone health: 

  • Our Bones: Living Tissue - Dra. Lucía Méndez Sánchez (Mexico)
  • Bone Health in Children: Strong and Healthy Bones for Life - Dr. Oscar Brunetto (Argentina)
  • Medical consultation: What should we take into account to take care of our bones? - Dr. Cristina Romariz (Uruguay)
  • We are what we eat: Healthy eating for a healthy life - Lic. Anika Pinto (Costa Rica)
  • Let's move your skeleton!: Physical activity for strong bones - Dra. Andrea Olascoaga Gómez de León (Mexico)
  • Our home: in harmony and free of fractures - Dra. Geraldine Altamar Canales (Colombia)
  • Debunking myths: osteoporosis can be prevented and treated - Dra. Marcela Barberán (Chile)

Podcasts are available to listen to on the “ABC of Healthy Bone” playlist on the official IOF YouTube channel. You can also find the audios on Soundcloud to download and listen to on your device without the need for an Internet connection. 

We also invite you to download the official poster of "El ABC del Hueso Sano" - print it out and display it in your centre, clinic, office or patient area so that everyone has access to the series of podcasts in Spanish. The poster includes a QR code that when scanned with any mobile device will allow you to enter the YouTube playlist.