An occasion to raise awareness of osteoporosis prevention and treatment through education about risk factors, and need for timely diagnosis and treatment

The festival ‘Territory of Health’ was held under the slogan ‘For those who care about their health’ within the framework of Health Week in Yaroslavl. 

City residents and guests attended educational lectures on the topic, workshops, consultations with specialists and express research. The festival, which was held in mid-April 2024, was supported by the Government of the Yaroslavl Region and the Mayor's Office of Yaroslavl. Private medical institutions are among the organizers. 


Among the speakers of the Health Festival was Dr. Khatia Gorjeladze, a member of RAOP, and head of the Osteoporosis Center at the Clinical Emergency Hospital named after N.V. Solovyov. She told the attendees of the event about risk factors for the development of the disease, the necessity of osteoporosis prevention from an early age, the need for timely diagnosis and treatment by specialists, and useful information about bone health nutrition. Her presentation was met with great attention and feedback. She answered numerous questions from festival visitors.

For many years educational activities on osteoporosis prevention have been carried out by the Osteoporosis Patient Society OSTEORUS, headed by Prof. O.B.Ershova, and the Russian Osteoporosis Association (RAOP), headed by Prof. O.M.Lesnyak. Every year within the framework of World Osteoporosis Day spearheaded by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) on October 20th, numerous events on the prevention of osteoporosis are held all over Russia. Notably, in 2023 the Russian Ministry of Healthcare announced that an annual Osteoporosis Week is to be held - a very important achievement. 

The Osteoporosis Center too has been participating in World Osteoporosis Day for more than 10 years and holds an Open Day on its premises. Within the framework of this event, the Center provides examinations and consultations with specialists, lectures by representatives of the Osteoporosis Patient Society OSTEORUS, and recommendations on the prevention of the disease by RAOP doctors.

This news was contributed by Victoria Sotskova and Galina Evstifeeva