IOF Committee Chairpersons 2024

As the world’s largest NGO in the field, IOF is uniquely structured with a truly global membership represented within three committees. We are very proud to present the new Committee Chairpersons elected/appointed in 2024.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to the following outstanding individuals in recognition of their dedication and valued service to the Foundation:

  • CSA Chair: Prof. Eugene McCloskey
  • CSA Vice-Chair: Prof. Etienne Cavalier
  • CNS Chair: Dr Famida Jiwa
  • CNS Vice-Chair: Dr Sansin Tüzün
  • CNS Patient Societies Subcommittee Chair: Teréza Hough
  • CCA Chair: Shireen Bate
  • CCA Vice-Chair: Dr Paola Pisani

The Committee of National Societies (CNS), represents more than more than 335 member organizations from 152 countries, the Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) includes 168 of the world’s leading scientific experts, and the Committee of Corporate Advisors includes 14 companies dedicated to bone health. 

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