Following recent IOF Board elections, IOF is pleased to announce the new Board which comprises four elected members from five world regions.

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is pleased to welcome the new 20-member Board for the term 2020-2024. The following individuals, all outstanding experts in the field, have been elected from five world regions following voting by IOF’s global membership:

Asia-Pacific & South Africa

  • Manju Chandran (Singapore)
  • Peter Ebeling (Australia)
  • Ambrish Mithal (India)
  • Toshikata Nakamura (Japan)


  • Maria Luisa Brandi (Italy)
  • Olivier Bruyère (Belgium)
  • Cyrus Cooper (UK), IOF President
  • Eugene McCloskey (UK)

Latin America

  • Claudia Campusano (Chile)
  • Patricia Clark (Mexico)
  • Marise Lazaretti-Castro (Brazil)
  • Osvaldo Messina (Argentina)

Middle-East & North Africa

  • Gemma Adib (Syria)
  • Basel Masri (Jordan)
  • Youssef Saleh (Saudi Arabia)
  • Leith Zakraoui (Tunisia)

North America

  • Bess Dawson-Hughes (USA)
  • Harry Genant (USA)
  • Famida Jiwa (Canada)
  • Michael McClung (USA)

IOF President Cyrus Cooper congratulated the re-elected members and welcomed the individuals who are newly elected to the Board: Manju Chandran (Singapore), Toshikata Nakamura (Japan), Olivier Bruyère (Belgium), Marise Lazaretti-Castro (Brazil), Youssef Saleh (Saudi Arabia), Harry Genant (USA), and Famida Jiwa (Canada). He stated:

"We warmly welcome the new Board as they take up this prestigious position over the next four years. The Board’s engagement and insights will be instrumental as we move forward at this exciting time for patients, physicians and policy-makers. Together, our work and commitment will help drive much-needed advances in osteoporosis and fragility fracture prevention for the benefit of patients in all regions of the world.”

He also expressed his sincere thanks to the members who have left the Board, stating:

"On behalf of the entire IOF family, I would particularly like to thank the four members who are leaving the board after years of service on this distinguished panel. Your support has been greatly appreciated and has helped lay the course for the future development of the Foundation.”

The Board works closely with the Executive Committee, which includes IOF’s President as well as ex-officio members John A. Kanis (Honorary President); René Rizzoli (Treasurer); Jean-Yves Reginster (Chair of the Committee of National Societies); Nicholas Harvey (Chair of the Committee of Scientific Advisors) and Bess Dawson Hughes (General Secretary and elected Board Member).

IOF, based in Switzerland, is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and related fragility fractures. As a not-for-profit Foundation which unites 260 patient and medical societies in 100 countries, as well as 164 leading scientific experts, IOF is the highly respected and influential voice at the helm of the global musculoskeletal community. Together, this constituency works towards the IOF vision of a world without fragility fractures in which healthy mobility is a reality for all.